About Us

Orinthea DeCarish, MS, LMHC, MCAP
Manager / Owner


I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor dedicated to working with adolescents, adults, and their families. I am always exploring new ways to help the people and populations I serve. I have a genuine passion for helping people make positive movements in their life. My therapeutic modality is mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral therapy.

I graduated in 2010 from the University of Florida with a Bachelors degree in Sociology. I then went on to pursue my Masters degree at Carlos Albizu University with a major in Psychology specializing in Mental Health Counseling. I have over 5 years of professional experience in the mental health field with people of all backgrounds and various issues. I also have experience working in the Human Resources field and understand the issues faced in the work environment and methods to help alleviate some of those issues. From my experience of starting a small business, I not only understand the challenges and fears one can face, but also the success that can be achieved when you believe in your passion.

Living mindfully, being present, and practicing awareness are the basis of the therapy I provide .On my personal journey with various spiritual teachings and practices I was able to find the healing and peace I’ve searched for most of my life. As someone that has dealt with anxiety for much of my adulthood, I want people to know that we can achieve healing and no longer feel the need to attach illness to our sense of self. I believe that my life’s purpose is to help others on their journey towards enlightenment to help them live a more meaningful life.

So, why the hummingbird?

They are the only bird that has the ability to fly forwards or backwards and achieve still flight. Like humans, we can remain in the same place or choose whichever direction we want to go in. We can either dwell in the past or choose to accept what has happened and move forward with hope. When a hummingbird is in flight, its flutter looks like the infinity symbol which represent the limitlessness of the human spirit. Harmony in life is created with the agreement to live in a mindset of peace and balance.

Yes, life can be difficult, but I believe choosing not to do it alone is easy.

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